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Welcome to the website of, the site that is the reference point of the escort service for those who want to spend an evening with a beautiful girl, or try one of the many services we offer to all our customers. Our platform aims to be the best escort directory currently available that only contains the best escort girls from Holland and to give you all the options to choose the escort girl for your evening. Our escort directory was created to provide an answer to the constant demand for kinky escort and escort near me.

Katy Amsterdam escort blonde
Amsterdam escort blonde

The Netherlands, and in particular Amsterdam, are visited every day by thousands of people who are looking for transgression, light drugs, and sexual entertainment. The red light district is one of the main attractions of the city, but it can not satisfy all customers, especially those looking for high-class escorts, amazing girls impossible to find in the district. These customers are not satisfied with a normal girl but want something more, they want the best escort service in the city and the whole of Holland, and until today it was not possible to have this service, there was no backpage escort for Amsterdam with gorgeous girls with professional customer support.
The customers were therefore forced to turn to non-professional escort agencies in Amsterdam, which often provided girls not beautiful, lazy, and who was only interested in the customer’s money, with the sole result of being stressed and wasting time. Our staff could not tolerate this situation and the presence of amateur escorts who did not know how to do their job. We decided to revolutionize the sector, providing for the first time in the history of the female escort sector a site that is not just a backpage escort, but that is a true paradise for those looking for a woman for her evening in Amsterdam.
Sasha Amsterdam escort blonde
A site full of high-class escorts, always updated, always changing, with new and professional girls, the perfect place for those who want golden angels escort. The first thing we did was to look into the market and the proposal of escort Utrecht, escort Amsterdam, escort Den Haag, escort Rotterdam, Dutch escort, and escort Noord Holland, to gather all the best Amsterdam escorts in one website. We have selected only the best escorts near me (as each customer would like), and the best escort girls from all over Europe just for the pleasure of our customers, and we will not stop until our site becomes the # 1 escort service Amsterdam.
Amsterdam escorts
Our platform offers only three services with our sex escorts, the best escorts NL. Only three services, but developed to provide the best feelings in the world, and to provide each customer the most attention of any girl and the certainty of receiving a service up to the price you paid. The three services, which all pornstar escorts can do, are the Amsterdam Restaurant Service, the Amsterdam City Tour, and the Amsterdam Hotel Service.
Amsterdam escorts

How does our escort dames platform work?

The service of our dutch escort platform is straightforward and wants to make pleasant every single stage of the process that will lead the customer to spend an enjoyable time with his escort damen. First, the customer must explore our catalog of eros escort and choose the best escort Amsterdam, escort Rotterdam, escort Den Haag or escort Utrecht, or the escort girl of the city where he wants (near Amsterdam), and then will have to contact the staff, indicating the name of the chosen escort girl.
The staff needs some essential information to ensure a perfect evening of escort porn (we are different from many escort sites, and the customer and his satisfaction are in first place). The first information required is the customer’s details, with a photo if possible, and a telephone number. This procedure is vital for the safety of our female escorts and will allow us to build a relationship based on trust with our client.
The second necessary information is the place of the possible meeting with the escort Den Haag (or Amsterdam escort), to check her bookings. If the chosen date is not available, the customer can choose another day or a new escort Utrecht.
Amsterdam escorts
The third piece of information is the chosen service. Each service has exact and binding rules, established for the security of the escort and to ensure the best possible evening for the client. The last information is the most important, that is the description of the services required by the pornstar escort. Our golden angels escorts are beautiful and professional girls, ready to do anything to satisfy every request, but every girl has specific preferences and accepts to do certain things. For example, not all of our amateur escorts agree to have anal sex with clients, and if you have this erotic fantasy, we will direct you to escort girls who decide to do this service for the pleasure of the client.
Other damen escorts can also meet women and have lesbian sex, or else threesomes with two men or a man and a woman. Thanks to your requests, the staff can give you all the best suggestions to select the most suitable escort dames to realize your erotic fantasies and to provide you with the best sex escort of your life, and for us, this is our top priority. Once you have obtained this information, the staff will get in touch with the choice kinky escort, or with the escort Noor holland who can realize your fantasies. At that point, you will have to speak directly with the Amsterdam escort, agree on the price for the performance (advance payment), and then plan with you the chosen service.
Staff must be aware of everything.
The three services we offer are Amsterdam Restaurant Service, Amsterdam City Tour, and Amsterdam Hotel Service. Here is a detailed description of the three services offered by our escort girls.
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This is the service where our escort girls will spend a beautiful evening with you at a club in the city of Amsterdam, to eat delicious food, drink fine wine and make lovely conversations. Every girl has particular food preferences; we have vegan girls, escorts who love fish, those who enjoy rich food and ladies who love pizza and street food. In the live escort reviews are indicated the food preferences of each escort, and their favorite restaurant, but girls can adapt without too much trouble (unless vegan/vegetarian, or particular food allergies) to customer requests.

The customer can choose the date and place for the meeting at the restaurant (compatible with the commitments of each girl, but it is always possible to find a solution), and the girl will spend a wonderful evening with him. The kinky escort can wear a personalized outfit based on customer requests (for example high open heels and dress, or boots and jeans), which can be purchased from the Amsterdam escort (with customer refund) or purchased by the customer. However, our agency has a strict dress code, and it is not possible to force the girl to wear something not suitable for the occasion, or that can make her uncomfortable (such as the request for a short dress and no panties).
The customer who insists with inappropriate requests will not use our service and will be reported in the live escort review. Every girl has the right to choose whether an outfit is suitable for the occasion or not, and each request must receive the approval of the staff. In the same way, the client must dress in an elegant, and maximum cleanliness and education are required. During the evening the staff can send Whatsapp messages or call the sexy escort to find out how the evening is going.
Jessica Amsterdam escort blonde
If the girl does not respond to three reminders, the staff has the right to intervene or alert the authorities. This procedure, necessary for the safety of girls, does not apply to recurring customers with good feedback. All that will be ordered in the restaurant must be paid by the customer. Advance payment of the service. In case of violation of one of the rules, the service will not be disbursed, and the customer will not be reimbursed. At the end of the evening, the client can go to the live escort review to help other customers. Maximum sincerity is required.
Alisa Amsterdam escort blonde


In this escort service Amsterdam, the chosen escort and the client can spend time in one of the typical places of Amsterdam, or in nearby locations, to visit these tourist attractions, or to perform an escort service in worldly appointments, such as theater events , film screenings, cultural events, business meetings, or promotional events. The customer can read the profile of each lady in our escort directory, and each girl has a place where she loves to go with each companion but can be adapted to customer requests, after obtaining the approval of the site staff.
The visit can last from one hour to the whole day, prepayment after having agreed to the performance with the chosen lady. The escort has the opportunity to buy anything, to drink and eat, all paid by the customer. In case of outdoor tours, for example on the Amsterdam canals, it is necessary to consider the weather conditions. In case of rain, the meeting with the eros escort will be postponed without any additional expense as soon as possible, consistent with the booking of the hot Amsterdam escort. Also, in this case, the hot escort can wear special clothes at the request of the client, or buy them with him in a previous meeting.
Almita Amsterdam escort blonde
The girl will try to satisfy every customer request, and in case of the purchase of new items of clothing, all the expense will be charged to the customer. The agency applies a strict dress code for the Amsterdam City Tour, preventing girls from wearing clothes not suited to the context, such as high heels for a walk of several kilometers, or short dresses without panties or bra. Each attire must be appropriate for the context.
The customer who does not respect these indications, and continues to request clothing not appreciated by the girl or the staff, will not get the service and there will be no refund, moreover in the live escort reviews will be indicated as a customer to avoid. It requires the customer to wear clothing that is appropriate to the context and maximum elegance. During the Amsterdam City Tour, the staff can call the girl for immediate feedback on the behavior of the client, with the right to intervene in case of inappropriate behavior.
This security measure is necessary to protect the safety of the girls and does not apply to recurring customers. We trust in your understanding of this security measure. In case of violation of one or more rules, the service will be immediately interrupted, and there will be no refund. In the most severe cases, the customer will be reported to the competent authorities. On some occasions (for example in social events), some customers have asked to take pictures or videos with the girls, including selfies. This is not allowed by the regulation unless you have written consent from the girl. In any case, the photos can not be of an erotic nature. By respecting these rules, we can guarantee that the day with the hot Amsterdam escort will be fantastic.
Eva Amsterdam escort blonde


This is the primary service of our agency, which offers the best escort porn in the whole of Holland. We can guarantee that every single girl in our escort directory has been carefully selected to provide the best Amsterdam escort service and the best sex in the world to all our customers.
The service allows you to choose one (or more than one) hot escort and spend a night of shocking sex in a hotel in the city, with incredible emotions and the certainty of having the service of a kinky professional guard, with the best cleaning and maximum protection of the client’s privacy. To guarantee the best sex escort service, the client must indicate to the staff and the escort girl the sexual preferences he wishes to make during the Hotel session. In this way, it will be possible to direct the client towards the perfect girl for his fantasies, since every girl has personal limits for sexual practices, for example, threesome, anal sex or lesbian sex. Even the cumshots on the body are not accepted by all the girls, and for this, the staff needs to know in advance the sexual preferences, to be able to plan everything with the girl.
The customer who insists with sexual proposals not accepted by the girl or the staff will never be able to use this service again. Every girl has a favorite hotel but can meet the customer in any kind of building, as long as it is a luxurious hotel. The requests for the Amsterdam Hotel Service in hostels or B & B are not accepted.
Kika Amsterdam escort blonde
Girls know how to protect each client’s privacy through discrete entries, and they are always on time. The hot escort will arrive at the appointment with a taxi, paid by the customer; you can not enter the hotel with the escort. Alternatively, a staff member can accompany the girl, with an extra payment for the service. Our girls are monitored by highly qualified medical staff and perform tests for the prevention of sexual diseases every three weeks. Each test can be shown to the client upon request. A test is required for the client, especially for the first meeting. Cleaning is essential for our girls and to be able to offer a first choice service and the best escort sex in the nation. For this reason, girls must take a hot shower before and after sex, and the client must also ensure maximum cleanliness.
The shower together can be a very erotic preliminary, which can allow you to start the evening of sex in the best way. In case of cumshot on the body, breast, or face (optional, at the discretion of the girl), the kinky escort must have handkerchiefs to clean and to take a shower immediately. It is not allowed to ask to swallow hot cum, because it is against our hygiene standards. For the agency, the customer’s collaboration is essential to ensure the highest cleaning standards for escort girls and the client. We are sure that we will have your maximum cooperation. Always to guarantee the maximum cleanliness and protection of both girls and customers, our policy is exceptionally rigorous, and every sexual relationship must be carried out wearing a condom of the highest quality.
Katy Amsterdam escort blonde
This rule also applies to oral sex. The customer can bring condoms (a sealed package), or they can be taken by the girl. Every girl can have sex with condoms of all kinds, like the classics, the retardants, the stimulants, or those flavored with fruit, and it can be an erotic game to give the girl the task of putting it on the client’s penis. It is not allowed to have sex of any kind (anal if allowed, vaginal, oral), without a condom, and the client who tries to ask for it risks the immediate interruption of the service. It is not even allowed to cum in the girl’s mouth. Kisses are allowed, but after having cleaned the mouth with the utmost care. The same applies to cunnilingus. Girls can also use lubricating gels. The customer must agree on the performance with the girl in advance, to avoid misunderstandings and to allow the staff to direct the customer to the best girl for his fantasies.
The client can not request an extra service from the girl after entering the hotel room but can ask for it before the meeting, paying an additional fee. Payment is made in advance and can be reimbursed in the event of an impediment independent of the will of the client or the girl (such as illnesses), while no refund will be made in case of inappropriate behavior and violation of the rules.
Katy Amsterdam escort blonde
Our escorts are not professional porn stars and do not want to have cameras or cell phones in the bedroom. This means that it is not allowed to take photographs (even selfies), or to make erotic/pornographic videos during the Amsterdam Hotel Service, even with the payment of an extra. The customer who is surprised to film the girl without her consent will be reported to the authorities and will never use any of our Amsterdam escort services. Sex of a violent nature (slaps, master and slave, BDSM) is not allowed. Our escorts love romantic and natural sex, without physical pain. Passionate BDSM customers are not welcome in our service. Every contact with the escort must take place through the agency staff. It is not possible to obtain personal information from any of our kinky escorts (real name, phone number, email address, Facebook contact). This rule is necessary to protect the privacy of our ladies. Feel free to contact us for any kind of request; we will always work to provide the best escort directory in Amsterdam to all our customers, in the name of love!